Best Window Blind Fabric


Sunscreen fabrics

Have revolutionized roller blinds to provide a modern and functional solution for internal windows. What seems to be quite magical is the ability of the fabric to provide a one-way view. It is possible to see out through the fabric if your inside whilst others on the outside cannot see in. 

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Blockout fabrics

Are used on a window blind, the fabric will block out the light as well as provide privacy day and night. To achieve the blockout feature, a coating is typically applied to back of the blind. Most of the time, this coating is white in colour although sometimes, a fabric range may have the same coloured backing as the fabric colour.

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Light filter

Fabric blinds enable light to be transmitted into a room. The weave is typically very tight, making is very hard to see through. The advantage of this is that window blinds made from light filter fabric will provide privacy day and night.

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