What Window Blind Style is Best for you?

What Window Blind Style is Best for you?

Roller blind, Roman Blind or Venetian Blind; they are all blinds and they will all do the same kind of thing which is to block the light and to provide privacy. There are however subtle difference in the way each of these products function.

These include:

  • Stack size when the blind is up

  • Projection of the blind

  • Light Gaps around the edges

  • Ease of operation

  • Flexibility for privacy control

  • Durability

  • Ventilation

  • Price

The purpose of this section is to help you understand these difference and for you to choose the style of blind not just because of price but because of function too..

All the window blinds that we sell on line, operate in a vertical or up/down motion. The stack size is the size of blind when it is in the up position..

The section below is a summary of the functions and why the may or may not be important to your decision..

More detailed information is available by window blind style.

Terminology of Window Blinds and Windows The below section defines some of the key words used in comminicating how a blind is to be fitted.

Stack size

Window Blind Stack size is important to understand because this may influence where a blind is fitted and the size that you request. There is no point for instance putting a Roman Blind in a doorway reveal that has 2100mm height because it will reduce the door clearance down to around 1770mm meaning you will need to duck to get through the door. Instead because you now are aware of stack height, you would probably put the blind above the doorway.

Window Blind Projection

When a window blind is installed, it will project out from the wall by a certain distance. The amount a blind projects out at the top may be different to how it projects out at the bottom when it is fully down.


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