Double Roller Blinds

Blinds Wholesale can offer the homeowner the option of Double Roller Blinds or popularly known as day/ night blinds. This combination of two blinds on one window gives you the flexibility to control the amount of natural light and heat you want in your room, visibility during the day and full blockout privacy at night. This is a very simple system that allows two Roller Blinds to hang from one double bracket. Double roller blinds can be manually operated with chains or upgraded to motorised options and remote controls for hands-free operation. Double roller blinds can also be linked together to span a large wall of glass. This simple linked joining bracket will couple the blinds together so that only one side of the blind requires a chain. Many blinds can be linked together and controlled by remote control to raise and lower the blinds all at the same time.

Where privacy is needed during the day, but light also, translucent light filtering fabric or screen fabric is hung closest to the glass from the double bracket, this first layer of fabric will also regulate heat entering the room and cut the glare down to improve the visual comfort in the room. In the evening the blockout fabric at the front can be lowered for full privacy a night. Day-night blinds are a very popular choice in bedrooms and also in apartments where there is a great need for privacy during the day.

Any combination of fabrics can be used in this simple elegant system. Light heat and privacy control for the home or office gives full functionality, energy-efficient and cost savings for the home throughout the year. Double roller blinds can be mounted on the wall, into the window reveal or ceiling fixed for both manual and motorised blinds options.

Blinds Wholesale offers a full installation service for double roller blinds in Sydney.

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