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Blinds Wholesale manufacturers all our roller blinds on-site in our factory, this provides us with the highest quality control and superior knowledge of the product that we are selling in the market. Our Roller Blinds are made with Australian mechanisms by Acmede, for over 15 years, they have been manufacturing a product of the highest standard in Victoria. Always improving and innovating their products, to give you, the customer the best experience in window coverings in the Australian market.

We offer a select range of the best fabrics on the market which will provide privacy, heat or glare control. These fabrics have been tried and tested over a number of years and meet the quality which Blinds Wholesale customers have come to expect.

Blinds Wholesale have been installing blinds in the Sydney region for 18 years, this extensive knowledge will provide you with the perfect finish for your home renovation. Roller blind fabric comes in total blockout, translucent/ light filtering or sunscreen fabric to allow the homeowner total control of the light and heat entering the room or office.

Blockout fabrics used to create Blockout Blinds are the traditional fabric used for roller blinds in the past , these will fully block all light, heat and view from the room. Fabrics come in a huge range of colours and textures to suit all interior choices, at Blinds Wholesale we can help you make the right choice of fabric for your room from tried and test fabrics that are all Australian made.

Translucent blinds are a more recent addition to the fabric selection for roller blind and will allow a medium amount of light into the room, block heat and glare, but allow no clear view. Some translucent fabric are flat and plain, while other have a range of surface textures and there are so many colours to choose from to enhance the interior design scheme for the room.

Sunscreen fabrics are the most recent addition to roller blind manufacture, these innovative and high performance, functional fabrics allows the view to be seen from inside the room while controlling glare and heat. In the evening screen fabric do not provide privacy like blockout blinds in a single blind. For this reason, Double Roller Blinds or day/ night blinds, two blinds together on one double bracket, of screen fabric next to the window and blockout blind in front give you total control through the day for light & heat control through all the seasons.

Benefits of Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds remains a leading choice for many reasons. Functionally, they provide the most streamlined option for privacy and light control. Operationally, control is with stainless steel chains, these can very simply, be upgraded to motors for light control and visibility for the room. They can be mounted on both wall, within the the window reveal or ceiling as well as hidden in ceiling reveals for a beautiful clean, sophisticated finish for any room.

Fabrics options range into the hundreds to suit all interior choices. Blinds Wholesale continues to manufacture with fabrics tried and tested over many years by Australia’s highest quality fabric suppliers.  Colours and textural finishes are regularly updated to keep up to date  with the latest international interior design trends.  Roller blinds can be combined with Venetian Blinds and curtains in the same room to give an elegant and classics finish to your home.

Maintenance for Roller blinds is very easy, they can be cleaned with a light vacuum or a damp cloth to remove small marks.

The simple roller blind has never been so sophisticated, high performance and functional.  There is a combination for both inside and out door roller blinds for all applications, high heat aspects and interior choices. Roller Blinds quite simply compliment all rooms and out perform any other window covering in this available on the market today.

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