Roman Blinds

Roman blinds where one of the very first windows covering options dating back to the peak of the Roman Empire, to control heat and dust entering the building. Fabrics were hung over the opening then pleated and tired up to allow light and ventilation using simple fabric drops.

Modern Roman blinds find their point of difference to a roller blind in the pleating of the fabric using slats and cords in a drawstring mechanism to raise and lower the fabric. Roman blinds can be made fully block out or light filtering, in a huge range of fabrics from the stiffer blind fabrics to beautiful interiors cotton and linens. Interior designers particular like this style as they can select fabrics to complement the interior colour scheme and dress the window or door to match.

Roman blinds offer the opportunity to use many different fabric options while controlling the heat and light entering the room. They can be made to use cords or string that wind around a cleat or they can be motorised for ease of movement. Wall fixed ceiling fixed or into the window reveal to maximise all applications for styling the room. 

Blinds Wholesale has extensive experience in the manufacture of  Roman Blinds in any fabric options that you may have from our ‘made to measure’ service. 



Benefits of Roman Blinds

Aside from the aesthetic value of this blinds, installing Roman Blinds in your home is a good investment. First and foremost, Roman Blinds are simply versatile. It can coexist well timelessly with a variety of decor and interior designs. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for something decadent or minimalist, you can find the right Roman Blind that will fit your house or office perfectly. If you intend to set it up in your living room, kitchen, or bathroom, these blinds can still look great without sacrificing its utility and functionality.

Roman Blinds are suitable investments as they offer better light control while it’s easy to use. If you want more natural sunlight to enter the room, you can roll your blinds up. If it’s too bright and you want some privacy, you can roll it down until you reach the darkness or privacy level that you want. If you want privacy without completely shutting your view of the outdoors, you can choose a lighter fabric as material for your blinds. Roman Blinds are our choice for an easiest, quickest, and most cost-efficient way of improving the look of your home is by changing your window dressing. And what better way to do that than switching to simple yet functional Roman Blinds. With these blinds, you can never go wrong.

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