Sunscreen Blinds

Roller Blinds give you the ability to control the amount of light entering a room, however, different rooms in the house have varying needs throughout the day. 

Being able to control light but retain the view is possible with the choice of sunscreen screen fabric. These polyester screen fabrics come in a  huge range of colours and two light transparencies 5% and 10%. Sunscreen Blinds offer the control of light heat and glare during the daytime. 

Screen fabrics make it possible to cut the heat transfer into the room by up to 70%, which gives the homeowner control over internal temperature gains and cutting energy consumption for air conditioning use.

In many parts of the city and surrounding suburbs, houses are facing the hot western sun, which creates a huge problem in internal temperate gains. Internal sunscreen blinds allow this temperature gain to be controlled by having the blinds down during the day when the sun is at its hottest…… while allowing the viewer to be retained and enjoyed all year round.

Sunscreen Blinds do not offer privacy in the evening, they need to be covered with a Blockout Blinds or curtain for full privacy. A practical combination to achieve this privacy is Double Roller Blinds, two roller blinds on one double bracket. A very simple application in bedrooms for privacy and light control. Double Roller Blinds can also be motorised for convenience combined with a preprogrammed app to contribute to energy saving in the home.

At Blinds Wholesale, we can guide you through the correct choice of fabric for your windows throughout the home, their light, heat and glare control needs for each room, offering all the latest colour and design trends on the market today.


Benefits of Sunscreen Blinds

Sunscreen Blinds are available in 10%, 5%, or 2% openness factors. Those with higher openness percentage offer better visibility compared to those with lower ones. The downside, however, is as your openness percentage and visibility increase, you lose a bit of the UV protection. Therefore, it’s essential to consider if your space is sun facing and how much of its natural light you would like it to come through. Traditionally, Sunscreen Blinds with 5% openness percentage is the most popular since they have an excellent overall performance – they offer superior UV protection and high visibility. Next to 5% are the sunscreen blinds with a 2% openness percentage. These blinds are now gaining popularity because of its weave and subtler look. For people who prefer more excellent vision, the best Sunscreen Blinds for them are those with a 10% openness percentage.

Yes, Sunscreen Blinds can reduce heat. Sunscreen Blinds can significantly reduce the heat and therefore, most of the sunlight out; it also prevents your indoor furniture from unwanted solar damage. Sunscreen Blinds are especially helpful during summer; if you install sunscreen blinds into your interior spaces, you can feel more comfortable since the blinds are designed to work by reducing the sun’s glare and blocking most of the heat. You can enjoy your indoor spaces while also getting a good view of the outdoors.

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