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At Blinds Wholesale, we offer Venetians in Cedar, Aluminium and Visionwood Venetian Blinds. Venetians will provide both privacy, ventilation and light control, with this easy to install blind option. Venetian Blinds have been used in homes for many years and are still a designer favourite, colour texture and function provides the interior with. Functional attractive window covering choice. 

Cedar Venetian blinds give the home a warm and luxurious finish. Our blinds have a 46 mm slat and come in a lacquered light, medium or dark finish. A traditional pelmet made in the high-grade cedar timber completes the superior design of this beautiful product.

Our Visionwood Venetian Blinds offer a unique product that can be used in high humidity areas in residential or commercial properties. Laundries and bathrooms and wet areas, perform well with this product due to the durable polymer slats, a washable fade-resistant material that will give your home the style and performance of a timber blind.

These venetians come in a wide range of colours in 50 mm and 63 mm slat. The wider option provides a budget-conscious interior with a shutter look alternative. Our colours range from whites too, on-trend greys and beautiful neutral shades. Visionwood blinds are finished with a traditional pelmet to compliment every room in your home.


Benefits of Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds provide complete control in terms of the levels of lighting in your house, and it also offers excellent levels of privacy. During sunny days, effortlessly tilting the slats backwards as it slightly faces the window will diffuse and bounce the strong sunlight. This decreases the glare without hindering the light, and it aids in protecting fabrics and furnishings from fading and sun damage.

The same way goes during a dull day, since if the blinds are slanted partially forward, then sufficient light will enter the room without the need for the blinds to open completely. Therefore, this would affect the levels of privacy you want in your room.

Venetian Blinds also provide seasonal economic advantages as they help to insulate and reduce drafts from old or ill-fitted windows in the winter months. It also gives heat protection against intense sunlight in the warmer months to allow your interiors to become more pleasant and relaxed. There are numerous advantages that Venetian Blinds can provide when it comes to privacy levels and adjustable light diffusion as well as style features and colour.

Venetian Blinds provide a distinct look combined with convenience and ease of use. The exceptional style of Venetian blinds has become progressively known for several years. Venetian Blinds, therefore, occupy a well-deserved spot, not just in windows, but as a crucial part of your interior design decor.

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