Vertical Blinds

At Blindswholesale, we can offer Vertical blinds as a cost-effective and functional window covering choice. Our blinds have a sleek design and can be made in the range of fabrics and colours to suit any room. Vertical blinds are particularly practical for doorway opens and Sliding doors. Stacking to one side or centre opening, they allow the control of light, privacy and ventilation, giving the homeowner a sleek design for the living or bedroom areas in the home.

A streamlined and practical blind for all areas of the home, blockout or light-filtering fabrics can be chosen in many fashion colours to compliment your home design.  

Since they hang from top to bottom, Vertical Blinds acquire less dust and dirt, making them more convenient to maintain. Regularly clean them with a wet cloth and a little vinegar or soap. Use your vacuum hose to eliminate dust with a brush extension. Be sure to clean the track, as dirt and dust builds up and makes it function less effectively. When you have accomplished one side of it, flip the blinds to the other side and do the process again.

Vertical Blind slats are thicker to absorb the sunlight more efficiently as it provides ultraviolet (UV) protection and can also maintain heat from being released during spring or winter. The blind slats do not just aid in blocking sunlight, but they also provide you with more privacy, especially when it is fully closed.

When utilised as a cover for a sliding patio door, vertical blinds can be partly opened to permit people to go in and out without any feeling of discomfort. The height of Vertical Blinds can increase the size of the windows. Sliding doors and high windows look elegant, as Vertical Blinds conceal both their width and height. Single-blind panels can be easily replaced due to damage if required.


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