Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Motorised Blinds

Motorised Blinds

Here at Blinds Wholesale, we understand that it can take time to find the right blinds solution for your home or commercial building. While there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ option, what we do always recommend is that you consider investing in motorised blinds.

Motorised blinds are a great addition to any space! Through the skilful integration of smart technology, motorised blinds create comfort and convenience that is not afforded by standard, non-automated blinds.

If you’re weighing up between the different solutions available, here are a few reasons to go with motorised blinds!
Motorised blinds are much safer (and tidier) by design. The absence of hanging cords, cables and chains removes potential choking hazards for young children.

The sleek set up of motorised blinds does not require cords for manual operation. This means that there’s no risk of anyone tripping over, or getting tangled up in, any parts hanging close to the floor.


When you install motorised blinds in your space, you have the added option of turning them into smart blinds! Depending on how you set up your preferences, you can control your blinds with a remote or even an app on your phone. That means you can adjust them from the comfort of your armchair and not having to get up and fiddle with manual operating cords.

An added bonus of motorised blinds is that you can control them using your voice. When you integrate your motorised blinds with home automation technology, all you need to do is sing out to Alexa or Google Assistant to adjust your settings. Not only is this an everyday convenience, it’s also a great solution for when you’ve got your hands full!

Energy Savings

Save energy with motorised blinds! Using your smart home technology, you can program your blinds to open or close based on temperature and sunlight. You can also automate your blinds to close at certain times of the day, to create the desired ambience in your space.

Having motorised blinds that can respond dynamically to their environment, and be programmed in advance, maximises energy efficiency. Blind automation enables you to regulate temperature in your space, reducing the need to turn on the air conditioner!

It’s an investment in your property

Installing motorised blinds in your property is an investment. Along with many other features, smart blinds are becoming an expected characteristic of commercial spaces and exclusive residential homes on the market today.

Motorised blinds add value to a property and demonstrate attention to detail in a modern fit out. Consider upgrading from regular, manual blinds to increase the overall appeal of your commercial or residential space.

COVID Safe & Contactless

Another great benefit of motorised blinds is that they are completely contactless. This eliminates the need for anyone to touch your blinds in order to adjust them, reducing the risk of spreading germs. This also means you don’t need to dust or sanitise any manual operating parts!

Whether you’re installing motorised blinds in a commercial building or at home, you can rest easy knowing that your blinds are COVID-safe and touch-free!

Motorised blinds are a sure-fire way to add value to any property. By virtue of their sleek, cordless design, they’re safer for children, more convenient and efficient to operate, and they’re hands-free!

When you’re making your decision about what kind of blinds to install in your space, you can’t go past motorisation technology.

Want to know more about the right motorised blinds for you? Speak to one of our friendly design consultants today!

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