Motorised Blinds

Residential and commercial property owners are looking for the very best on the market in smart home technology. The addition of motorised blinds and curtains allows the home to be updated with the very latest in Automation. This addition of smart technology provides the convenience  and aesthetic benefits of motorised blinds that will enhance  and control solar gain and heat loss at the touch of a button or pre programming with an App. 

Somfy Electric Blinds Sydney Home

Blinds Wholesale  has been an authorised Somfy home automation dealer for more than 15 years and is a certified Somfy Expert. Installing typically a thousands of motorised blinds solutions each year, our experience is deep and credible. We work with Architects, Electricians, Building Automation Technicians and Home Automation Experts as well as the directly with the home owner to deliver desired functionality at the price you can afford. 

Smarter Homes with Electric Blinds from Sydney 

Smart home technology allows the home to be programmed throughout the day to control the heat gain and loss based on temperature and sunlight entering the home, this maximises the energy efficiency of your air conditioning system and saving the household in energy spending. 

At Blinds Wholesale, we can introduce you to a number of automation solutions to match your budget and personal needs. Enjoy the convenience and energy saving solutions that Smart home systems have to offer. 

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