Cafe Blinds

Blinds Wholesale offers outdoor blinds in a number of options. Transparent cafe blinds usually used by restaurants to protect outdoor seating areas can also be used in the home. These are an excellent solution for blocking out the wind and cold to make the outdoor living space an asset for all the year-round, not just the summer. Using a clear PVC plastic, the cafe blind will keep you warm in winter and block the winds while maintaining your view.

Our tried and trusted  ZipTrak system can operate efficiently by hand and has a wind locking feature. Welded into the sides of the transparent panel is a small tube, which you can’t see because it slides into an aluminium channel. This system helps to improve protection under wind loads with the added bonus of preventing no uneven side gaps that are visible with some wire-guided systems.

For those looking for a bit of versatility, we also have an external solution that has a double roller blind and bracket system. Typically it is used with a clear PVC and an external screen. The outer screen is an open weave fabric, so acts to keep the heat out and let the breeze in. During colder times the external screen can be raised and the clear cafe blind lowered to keep in the warmth and the cold and wind out. Some people like to put both the external screen and clear cafe blind down together for the ultimate enclosure.

The cafe blinds can be motorised or operated manually or by using a crank handle. These blinds can be built into a reveal during construction so that the entire system can be raised and hidden when not in use. 

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