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Our external or outdoor blind range at Blinds Wholesale gives the homeowner a choice of high-quality durable sun shading options to control both heat, glare and temperature around the home in the harsh Australian climate. Outdoor blinds allow us to maximise all alfresco, pool and BBQ areas within the garden all year round, enclosing patios and verandahs for cooling in summer and warmth in winter. Simple elegant solutions that will allow the family to enjoy outdoor living with the use of external roller blinds and a range of high-quality fabric choices to match all you ou colour and design plans.

External zip screen roller blinds or zip blinds are one of the most popular innovations in outdoor blinds available on the Australian market, they have now, for many years been the ‘go-to’ choice to maximise the outdoor areas in beautiful homes all around Sydney. They are called zip screen blinds not because they have a zipper on them but because the fabric locks into a side-channel making them more tolerant to wind and enabling minimal light gap at the vertical edge of the material. Durable and functional solutions for all outdoor areas with spans up to 7 metres. All these Zip systems can be manual or motorised/ electric with remote control or CBus,  for ease of control. 

Blinds Wholesale offers a full range of external zip screen blinds from suppliers in Australia and also Germany. We offer an  Australian made range from Acmeda, called the Acmede Extreme system. Our favourite tried and tested  Acmeda standard zip screen blind is robust and is ideal for most home and office external applications. The exciting fact about Zips is the size we can make them,  in widths up to 5 metres and drops of 3 metres. The maximum square metre coverage, however, is 10 square metres. The Acmeda Extreme zip screen blind enables outdoor blinds to be made to a width of 7m wide by 5m drop. Maximum of 35 square metres of fabric.

Our imported choice of external Zip screens at Blindswholesale is from Markilux. This system of zip blinds provides the optimal solution for windy sites and or the more discerning buyer. Made in Germany, the zip screen is available with hidden Teflon belts in the sidetrack that keep the fabric in tension at all times.

Zipscreen blinds are a great alternative to Zip Track blinds, which is manually operated external shade solution that is cleverly balanced to ensure the blind is light and easy to operate in a huge choice of colours and can be used in small or large spans in all home in Sydney.

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Benefits of External Roller Blinds

Undeniably, the most crucial thing that Outdoor Roller Blinds provide is protection against the unpleasant elements of outdoors. They keep you safe against the harsh wind, the scorching heat, cold rain, and pesky insects. Moreover, they also prevent discolouration and rusting of an exposed outdoor kitchen area, furniture and other furnishings. The materials can reflect the heat away, keeping everyone safe and comfortable. They are energy efficient, keeping you cool when it is hot outside and warm during the winter season. They can lessen your power bill by eliminating a requirement for outdoor heaters or fans.

The perforated material of External Roller Blinds lets the air pass through easily, improving the general ventilation in the space. It also filters the air you breathe and lessens the amount of dust that enters your outdoor area. Say goodbye to prying neighbours and outsiders who distract you away from your activity or family bonding. Our External Roller Blinds let you separate the area and create a private outdoor room if you wish. Transform your outdoor space or patio into a charming area for entertainment or business by choosing the right colour and style to complement the architecture of your home or commercial space.

Our External Roller Blinds are manufactured to last long with minimal maintenance and cleaning procedures. Maximising and customising your favourite outdoor area is now more comfortable with External Roller Blinds. Find the perfect design and style to reflect your style and enjoy the outdoors all year round at your home or office.

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