External Venetian Blinds

Are you aware that Venetian Blinds can be applied externally?

External Venetian Blinds or Outdoor Venetian Blinds offer a superior shading solution with much flexibility. The slats of the Venetian Blind can be tilted to optimise privacy or light control. The great thing with the External Venetian blind is that it can be fully retracted so if you don’t want it in the way, it is out of the way and out of sight. Options are available for specific needs associated with light and wind. 

Rolletna’s external Venetian Blinds are sourced from Horiso who are based at Marrickville in Sydney. They provide exceptionally well made outdoor Venetian Blinds and have a postcard array of well-known projects including the Sydney Convention Centre. One of the true qualities of any locally made product is serviceability and Horiso genuinely ensure that their external Venetian Blind products are repaired quickly and if necessary come to the site to make any necessary adjustments.

With architectural form and functional appeal, external Venetian can be easily integrated into sensors that adjust the slat position to maximise light and minimise heat transfer. The slat position considers the day of the year (knowing that the sun is higher during summer and lower in winter), time of day, the direction that the blind is facing (North, South East or West) as well as the current recorded temperatures and light intensity. Amazing stuff at quite an affordable price for both domestic and commercial application.

Slat profiles on this imported external Venetian product accommodate wind speed, colour and width preferences. The blind’s side profile is held in place either a wire guide or channel system.

It is imperative to get the right advice with external blinds. Wind direction and intensity, as well as colours, have a significant bearing of the effectiveness of external Venetian Blinds.

Benefits of External Venetian Blinds

One of the many benefits of installing External Venetian Blinds is you get to control the light that enters into your space. Not only you can completely darken a room just by closing the blinds, but you can also get the privacy you want and the protection from the sun’s heat and glare throughout the day. Sunlight efficiency can be optimised by tilting the slats of an External Venetian Blinds, but at the same time keeping privacy from external praying eyes. Your space will have a lighter and airy ambience without turning on any lighting fixtures, which will help homeowners and businesses save on heating and air conditioning in the long run.

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