Six Ways To Assess Any Blind Installer in Sydney

Blind Installer in Sydney

When you choose a blind installer in Sydney, you’ve got to make sure you’re dealing with someone who is experienced and knows what they’re doing. Installing blinds correctly is just as important as selecting the right product, so you want to be working with a technician who’s able to provide top quality knowledge and service.

If you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of blind installation, but you want to make a proper assessment of your blind installer in Sydney, here are a few questions you can ask to see how they measure up!

How will they maximise on daylight?

A good blind installer will be able to assess the way that daylight flows through your space. This involves taking into account several environmental factors and ascertaining where the sun rises and sets with respect to the location of your blinds.

Your technician should discuss how much daylight you would like in your space, before you make any decisions. Once you are both on the same page regarding your desired amount of daylight, your blind installer should be able to give you appropriate advice on the best materials and style to use to achieve your goals.

How will they tackle blind concealment?

When you upgrade your property with new blinds, you’re going to want a quality, clean finish. There are a number of ways to conceal the elements of your blinds that aren’t made to be seen, these include filtering them through ceilings and making use of skylights.

Any installer that is worth doing business with will be able to recommend a concealment solution that ensures your space looks neat and tidy after the job is done.

How will they manage the electrical wiring?

This question is exclusive to motorised blinds. When you work with a blind installer in Sydney, make sure they’re talking about where the electrical supply is going to come from and how they’re going to manage any associated wiring.

When you invest in motorised blinds, seamless operation is important. A high-quality blind installer will talk you through how they’ll safely, and inconspicuously, run the electrical wiring for your motorised blinds.

Have they taken into account ongoing maintenance and operation?

Where are your new blinds being installed? Are there any external factors that have special operation requirements or create a need for ongoing maintenance?

For example, a reputable blind installer will consider the height of the space and account for any void areas. Depending on your set-up, motorised blinds could be more appropriate if manual blinds would be too difficult to operate.

Alternatively, for outdoor blinds, your installer should ensure that the right material is used so that your blinds are less impacted by outdoor elements, meaning that little to no maintenance is required.

Have they coordinated with your builder or architect?

If you’re doing major renovations or building a new home, make sure your blind installer is working alongside your builder or architect to achieve the best results.

All the pieces of the puzzle need to fit together in order to get your blind installation right. This includes coordinating the electrical supply, wiring and any concealment requirements at the early stages of planning your build.

Good blind installers in Sydney should be excellent at liaising with other technicians and tradespeople working on your project!

How are they making their recommendations?

Finally, is your blind installer listening to you? Blind installers in Sydney should be making recommendations based on the information you give them and the space that they have to work with.

For all the reasons mentioned above, the amount of desired light differs depending on personal preference and the layout of the property. How you use your space should be considered when recommending the right blinds solution for you.

For example, experienced blind installers will recommend something that’s more durable for outdoors, perhaps something more translucent for bathrooms and ensuites, or a solution that lets in more light when it comes to void areas.

Before doing business with a blind installer in Sydney, ask yourself the above questions to assess the quality of who you’re working with. Do they have the right amount of experience and knowledge? Are they making recommendations based on what you like/have asked for? Have they taken into account all the environmental factors that could impact natural light in your space?

When your blind installer ticks all the boxes above, you can rest assured that your installation is in good hands.

Looking for a blind installer in Sydney? Have questions about your blind installation project? Talk to one of our friendly design consultants today!

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